Lavender Stalk


It’s been a very long time since I talked about bobbin lace. That is not (only) because I haven’t done much of that lately, but because I haven’t really finished anything. I have my big lace where I’m supposed to learn how to make a corner, which I now know, but haven’t finished andI have a chicken for next Easter and a crazy freehand lace in colors that reminds me of a heather field that might eventually look become the border of a bag for my bobbins. There is a lot going on as you hear, but nothing is finished so far (even though the chick did indeed get both a beak and a head today so there is no need to feel sorry for that one at least).

I have finished one thing though. We got to try on something new on one of the bobbin lace classes this semester and admittedly I didn’t go for the most difficult layout but I did change color and thus creating a small lace that looks like a lavender stalk, hence I made a lavender stalk and it has become something. It’s not just a piece of new and fairly pretty but futile lace – it’s a lavender stalk. It’s darling and I think everyone should have one. Now the only question is, what do I do with a lavender stalk?