Field trip


Today we made a little field trip in the region and ended up at Laxön, some miles up north. I’ve been there before, about seven years ago, and it was fun to see it again.


We had coffee and a sandwich at the cutest little place with the greatest view.


Julle was the eager photographer.


We hoped that the water gates would open but when that didn’t happen…


…we went to the museum, where there was an exhibition about the military that was once at Laxön.


They talked a lot about the importance of the outdoor dance floor where the military could meet people from the village. In fact, there were quite a few couples who met that way, one from the military and one from amongst the villagers. Considering that back then there weren’t many women in the military and homosexuality was frowned upon I suppose many couples consisted of a boy from the military and a girl from the village and I wonder what the boys from the village really thought about the military…


One of the couples that met at the outdoor dance floor was Brita and Bertil who got married on July 1 1944, eactly 70 years ago today. Apparently they returned to Laxön 55 years later, parents of fours, grandparents of eight and great grandparents of one. That dance floor must have been awesome.


Next to the military exhibition was an exhibition about the author Stig Dagerman, who was born in Älvkarleby in 1923. I haven’t read much of his works except The Snake (which I had forgotten about but I’m not sure that’s due to me not liking it or to the fact that I read it when I took my second semester of literature studies and read about 800-1000 pages per week and it disappeard in the crowd next to Ivar Lo-Johanson, Harry Martinson (who I know for sure I didn’t like) and Hjalmar Söderberg (who I really liked) and other authors from the 1900’s (no, sadly there weren’t many female authors represented in that class)) and To Kill a Child which I’m sure every 15 year old in Sweden has read in school. Anyway, Stig Dagerman is a pretty interesting author who passed away way too soon. Also, he had a very nice lamp, at least in this exhibtion. I’ve been wanting a lamp like that for many years but haven’t found any.


Even this time we had to settle for admiring the lamp but instead, in the handcraft exhibition next door, we found a table. A cute and handmade table with foldable corners that we couldn’t resist. It is now placed next to my knitting chair and it has already prooved to be excellent for putting patterns on.


When we came back home there was a box waiting, a box full of yarn. It was a really great ending of an equally great day.