The Great Lace Project

Do you remember back in April when I was struggling with some swatch problems? I don’t think I’ve ever swatched so thouroghly. I ended up with six swatches, three plain ones and three in the pattern, because it took me a while to decide on what fibers to use. You see, I’ve just embarked on what will be the Great Lace Project, GLP. This will be the biggest thing I’ve ever made, a milestone in my knitting career.


So far I’ve done one pattern repeat of the border edge. All in all there will be 85 pattern repeats of the lace border and then there is the body. This will be a huge shawl made from the thinest of yarn called cobweb. In the end the big shawl will still be delicate enough to go through a ring, a party trick that these kinds of shawls do, that have rendered them the name ‘wedding ring shawls’.

So far my shawl is a small little rag that, as all lace does, resembles withered salad. I will keep you posted on the progres.

Edge border:
1/85 done