The Midsummer weekend in food

This past weekend was the Midsummer celebration in Sweden and as with all Swedish festivities, we celebrate with food. On Midsummer, strawberries are obligatory but also lots of other food as well. I feel like I’ve been eating for three days straight but that’s not entirely true even though it’s not too far off.


First we had the making of all the food.


Remember back in January when I said I was sure I would make another loaf of bread in my life, I just wasn’t sure when? It turned out that Thursday June 19 was the day. I made the bread I always make, one that you don’t have to knead, you just stir it. It’s also healthy and very good.


Then there were quiches. I was so happy with my quiche Lorraine from the previous weekend that I made another one for Midsummer and also invented a broccoli quiche that turned out allright.


Then there were cookies. Chocolate balls, a favourite in this house, and some other ones that my mum brought.


And strawberries, on the pavlova I showed you Before. It was good but I wouldn’t have minded tha meringue to be a little more crispy. All in all it was a great Midsummer’s Eve but the weekend wasn’t done by that.


On Saturday we had left over quiche, fruit salad and much, much more and on Sunday we were invited for dinner at my mum’s where we also had a lot of good food.


And strawberries, this time on a chocolate cake.


Mum and I discussed china and hand-embroidered table cloths, all the while enjoying cake and tea. So nice.

What have you all been eating this weekend? I’m sure it was something equally yummy.