Draught protector


A year ago I found an old friend’s blog where she was very openhearted about her life, her thoughts, her problems and her views. She told about a problem she has that makes it impossible to encounter draught.


If we look past that this of course is hard to live with, a fact that’s obviously is hard to look past but if we try, I figure that this problem and a knitter might be a winning concept. Somebody who needs to keep warm and protect neck, feet and hands, and someone who makes shawls, socks and mitts every waking moment – I think that’s what you might call a perfect match (even though I wish we didn’t have to make this perfect match, not due to lack of knitter but due to lack of draught problem).


Anyway, when I heard about this problem, my immediate urge was to completely cover my friend in knitwear. Hats, mittens, socks, scarves. Then I remembered all the babies that were arriving and I had to soften the urge. Finally I settled on knitting a lace shawl since that is something that can be worn at a nice party while still protecting the neck from draught.


Then Christmas sort of came and I had so much else going on that the lace shawl was just forgotten for a while. It also might had to do with the fact that I sort of got sick and tired of knitting lace from lace weight yarn. Might had, I admit so nothing. Then I realized that I was going to the States to see my friend and wouldn’t it be a perfect opportunity to present her with said lace shawl? (Also, I saved some money on postage.) So I began turbo knitting and after a few days a shawl was born. I brought it with me to the States and presented it to my friend over lunch at a lovely little café in Portland (I might have scored some yarn later that day too, I figure if I give away yarn I can re-stock with other yarn).


I really hope it fills its’ purpose.

Pattern: Haruni by Emily Ross. Yarn: Drops Lace from Garnstudio, color red.