Cookies and quiche

I’m still stealth knitting, I’m doing fine, but that’s not all I’ve done this weekend. Lately I’ve been thinking that there are not nearly enough cookies in my life and I’ve been a bit bummed about that. This weekend I decided to do something about this and Friday evening I whipped up both chocolate chip cookies and chocolate caramel cookies.


It’s amazing what technique can do, Friday afternoon I shopped yarn in Boston through FaceTime and later in the evening, when I was baking with Oregon. I followed an American recipe which only quantifies butter in sticks so I sent a quick message to Lyndsey in Oregon to ask her if she happened to be close to a butter stick to see if there was any weight meassurements there. I happened to call her during nap time and Lyndsey helped me with my butter issues. Then we talked while I baked. I felt like I had some sort of a cooking show, it was quite fun.

For some reason I only seem to start baking late at night. I’ve always done this. I think it might come from when I was living in a student housing and shared a kitchen with seven other students, the only time the kitchen was free was late at night, after everyone had had dinner and gone off to parties or whatever. I’ve continued this habit even now that I’ve had my own kitchen for five years. On Friday I was wrapping up my baking when I heard people out on the street walking home from the pub and I was very tempted to lean out the window and offer them a cookie. I think that would have made them very surprised. I might do it next time.


Yesterday my aunt and uncle came over and I made my first quiche lorraine. I don’t like cooking and I wasn’t supposed to be the one making the quiche but circumstances made me the cook (it was either doing a quiche or vacuuming and I wasn’t really up for vacuuming). I must say it was actually quite fun. I felt like I was in control the whole time and it was a lot like baking, probably because I didn’t have to take care of several different pots, like potatoes, meat and gravy, it was only one thing to prepare, a run in the oven and then done.


The best part is that it turned out really great. Beautiful and yummy. I think I might do more quiches in the future.