Cross-atlantic yarn shopping


This,my friends, is a crappy picture but those two skeins of yarn were in Agnieszka’s hands in a yarn store in Boston, MA, USA at the same moment as this picture was taken. This evening we’ve done something crazy, I’ve shopped yarn through a personal shopper (thank you, Agnieszka!) in the States while watching and telling what I want. Agnieszka went into the yarn store and asked where the aran weight yarn was and then called me through FaceTime so that I could look at the yarn and decide on what I want. It ended up with five skeins of aran weight in a greyish blue color that I think will look very pretty (I’m not sure how well the color transfers through the screens). We also looked at grey fingering weight but that’s a hard one since I need a very specific grey to match my perfect color. We couldn’t find a good grey but the whole thing was very fun, yarn shopping in a real store, not a web shop, on a different continent from where I am myself. Isn’t it amazing what technique can do? On Tuesday I’ll find out if this was a great new way of buying yarn or not, when I actually get to hold my skeins and look at tchem directly, and even if they turn out not being what I expected, it was still a fun experience.

Agnieszka also looked at some yarn she liked for herself and since she is not a knitter this means I would knit it for her. She didn’t get it in the end but it seems like she’s slowly starting to build her own stash within my stash. Had my stash been a plant, her stash would be a slip of my stash. I rather like it, that is true friendship, to have a stash withing someone else’s stash (and a bit dangerous should I ever experience a, actual or percieved, low tide in my stash. Luckily we rarely have the  same opinion about colors so we should be okay).

Okay, enough talking about yarn, how about some actual knitting?