The weather forecast has promised a thunderstorm for days now and I’ve been waiting for it to happen, wondering, looked curiosly and expectantly at the sky but nothing. Then today, late in the afternoon, it came. In just a few moments the sky turned dark grey, the trees swayed in the wind and the rain started falling down with a high intensity. Then came thunder and lightning and more thunder. Now the storm has calmed down but it still rains heavily. I can’t help but feel a little bit excited when there is a thunderstorm, especially if there is lightning too (and preferably if I’m indoors but it’s okay even if I’m outdoors). I think it’s beautiful and I find it fascinating what nature can do. Of course I know that lightnings kan cause a lot of trouble and also be deadly and I wouldn’t dream of go swimming outdoors in a thunderstorm but besides that, it thrills me. It’s something out of the ordinary, it’s beautiful and scary and exciting.

I remember once when I was a kid and it had been terribly hot for days and my mum let me and my cousin  sleep outside on the balcony since it was way too hot indoors. Just when we were about to go to bed, a huge thunderstorm broke out, thunder and flashes of lightning one after the other in an endless row and we were lying there in our sleeping bags watching the whole thing against the dark sky. It was the most beautiful thing with a touch of scary. We were amazed by it and didn’t want to go back inside. I think that’s when my fascination of thunderstorms began.

Now, the forecast has also promised that there will be more thunderstorms coming. We’ll see if that is correct, you know I’ll be waiting.