Who deserves knitted things?


Looks like I continue with the summer colors. A lavender-lilac yarn ball has snuck into my project bag. I think it will become a pair of wristwarmers (there is a lot of wristwarmers right now) for someone who needs and deserves them.

That rose the question of when someone deserves knitted things. The friend you’ve known since you were a kid but haven’t talked to for real in years? The co-worker you barely know, who’s going through a rough time? The acquaintance who is expecting her second baby but never thanked you for the hat you knit for the first baby? The person who only likes you for your knitting?

Who deserves knitted things? Perhaps the question is wrong, perhaps everyone deserves knitted things but the question is really who deserves knitted things from you? Or rather, who deserves your time and effort? Why can is sometimes be easier to cheer up someone you barely know than your closest friend? Perhaps because there is no pressure in a relationship with someone you barely know. Perhaps the surprise in the fact that you spent time and effort on someone you barely know makes it more precious than the person you often spend time and effort on (and therefore s/he already have forty eleven pairs of wristwarmers in their drawer and but needs a pair in black but why are you never knitting anything in black when you know that person needs it?).

Friendship and social relations are hard, there is a lot of pressure and even more expectations in vowen in with all people you know. Do you like someone less just because you’ve never knit him/her anything? Is s/he less deserving just because you’ve never knit him/her anything? Not necessarily. There are people I know that I’ve never knit anything for but I have no idea why. This doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve knitted things, there are simply thousand and one things that has come in between. Am I a meaner knitter because of this? Or is this knitter only human with the same amount of days in the week as non-knitter humans?

Who deserves your time and effort? The answer to that question should probably be that the person who deserves your time and effort is the person who spends time and effort on you and/or really appreciates that you spent that time and effort. It’s worth thinking about every now and then though, who deserves your time and effort?

Who deserves knitted things?