Newsflash: Death defying stunt act by work-in-progress


After yesterday’s season inappropriate color feature, this blog figure we better make amends by showing something more summer-y. Luckily, we’ve found a knitting, Ms. Wristwarmer-in-progress, who was willing to help us- Ms. Wristwarmer-in-progress in an excellent summer color – bright pink. This knitting also happens to match her knitter’s shoes and scarf today, and also the geranium on the window sill on which she kindly agreed to pose.

This blog is amazed by Ms. Wristwarmer-in-progress and her death defying stunt act of sitting on the outer window sill, three floors up with no concern for her own life. We can assure delicate readers that everything went well and Ms. Wristwarmer-in-progress survived the stunt act and is now back, safe and sound, in the project bag.

She tells this blog that she wasn’t afraid even though she did this without safety net but wants you to know that if anyone else wants her to make a similar stunt act, she’s not available until tomorrow as she’s taking the rest of the day off. She also claims that she would do anything for her knitter but would prefer it if the knitter in question would kindly keep to knitting instead of taking pictures for the next couple of days, or at least till Ms Wristwarmer-in-progress is finished and not in progress anymore. She reminds us that she does indeed have another stunt act in front of her, a water trick that will take place before the blocking and she needs to prepare for that in order to go through it as effortlessly as she did this one.

-You are welcome back for the water trick but for now I need my rest, Ms Wristwarmer-in-progress tells us.

We are deeply in awe of this heroic stunt work-in-progress and we’ll be sure to come back for this next water trick. Untill then we wish Ms. Wristwarmer-in-progress a good rest and some added rows.