Triple birthdays


This weekend we’ve been to no less than three birthday parties. The first one was a dinner at my mother’s house. It was nice and good and low-key since the birthday boy in question is no longer with us. We had a good time anyway though and had food we know the birthday boy would have loved and also some that he wouldn’t have liked at all. That’s the thing about not being present at your own birthday party – you don’t get to decide on the meny. Also, I know that the birthday boy would have approved of the blue flowers I gave him but disapproved of my signature pink Gerbera. Again, though luck!


The second party was quite the opposite, not low-key at all, even though that too was a dinner party. There were a lot of guests and the swedish proverb if there is room for the heart, there is room for the bum* could certainly be applied. We met a lot of old friends and also made new ones.


By the third birthday party we were pretty tired, which wasn’t fair at all to the birthday girl in question. Luckily, for this party we didn’t have to travel anywhere, we could simply just walk down the street. It too had a lot of guests and we spent some quality time on the balcony catching up with friends. It made us long for the time when we get our balcony back, hopefully next week, since they’ve made construction work on it since early April.

wpid-dsc_4524.jpg wpid-dsc_4532.jpg

It’s great to meet up with friends this way but besides that and to see birthday girls happiness when they unpacked their birthday presents, I think the one of the best parts of going to parties was that I’m apparently not the only one who thinks it’s time for meringues right now. We had Pavlova for dessert twice and it was really good. My desire for meringue is a little more satisfied if not yet completely gone.