What I need


I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the absolute lacking of knitting in this knitting blog lately. Why is that, you might wonder. I wonder too. All day at work I look forward to get home and knit and by the time knitting can be a reality, I just simply don’t know what to do. I just sit there, looking at a sad excuse for a knitting in progress, and feel absolutely nothing. No temptation, no joy, no inspiration.

I think that with the challenging weeks that passed in May and a pollen allergy season just around the corner, I simply can’t knit. I need fast amusement, like a game on the iPad which only gives you five tries and then you have to wait 30 minutes to go again once, and 2,5 hours to go another five times. Two minutes and the first go is done, ten minutes and I have to wait to go again. It’s fast and it doesn’t require much of me.

Then we have the really slow amusement. Cross-stitch. Cross-stitching takes forever if you make big things (which I do), which is a good thing. I have no pressure on finishing soon. I’m happy just to see that I’ve filled a part of the fabric that was empty before (obviosuly it’s most rewarding when you are sewing with a color that contrasts with the fabric), it shows progress and that’s all I’m asking for. Just a few stitches is enough to show that, even on a huge picture.

Just a few stitches is never enough to show progress in knitting. Knitting is fast enough that I think I should do much more than I can right now in the time available, I want to see progress, of course, I want to finish and start something new. In cross-stitch, if I get bored with one color, I change to another one. If I get tired of making the big blue part on the upper right corner, I can always change to a small red part in the lower left corner. I can switch between making long rows in one color and making just a few stitches in multiple colors. The variety is endless and at the same time I can see progress when no progress has really been made.

Knitting doesn’t work this way and there is nothing wrong with that, I will always love knitting but I usually knit for other people and even if I knit for myself there is pressure to finish before another urging project and fast approaching birthday comes up.

Cross-stitch is entirely for me and I think that is what I need right now. Something slow and amusing, that gives me time to think but requires so much concentration that I can’t think too much of other things. There is no pressure, just a few more stitches each day and I know it will take a long time before I finish. But that’s okay.