There are stashes and there are stashes


So, they are redecorating the balconies around here and they have put a little catch on the balcony door so no one will go out and fall down by mistake. The other day was a very warm day and when I looked out the window I was surprised to what the neighbour had put on their balcony (observe that they have broken the catch in order to do so). There was a box of yarn. Apparently my neighbours like yarn too and enough to fill a whole box. I figure I’ve just run in to somebody’s stash.

Three things ran through my mind.
1. There is a yarn crafts person on the other side of the wall, that is intriguing.
2. If this is somebody’s stash, I better not show that person my stash or I might find myself a skein or two short.
3. Why put all your yarn outside on a lovely day? Did it need a field trip? Why? Or worst case, did it contain uninvited habitants? Because in that case it was really irresponsible of the other yarn craft person to put a contaminated stash just a few feet from my balcony door, which leads to my livingroom in which I house my stash.

When the third thought had gone through my head, that’s when I closed the balcony door and decided that maybe I don’t have to be in such a hurry to befriend this fellow yarn crafts person.