Princess blues


Earlier this year my darling Princess Lyndsey turned 30. I wanted to make her something cozy and comfortable, elgant but also useful. She’s a mother of two, the little one is not even a month old yet, and since I knew she would be carrying a small baby in her arms this spring, I wanted to make her a shawl that was big enough to wrap around her back, warm enough so she wouldn’t need a sweater with it, elegant enough to wear in public and at the same time something that was wearable and warming but not in the way of breast-feeding.


I came up with the Luster shawl by Amélie Bernier. It’s lace but not too much lace, it’s elegant but not too elegant (by that I mean that it is totally wearable in public without anyone being ashamed of how it looks, it can even be nice at a party but it’s not that elegant that you have to be scared if someone, probably a very small one, happens to throw up on it), it’s made of worsted weight so it’s warm and it’s big enough to wrap around you and the little someone in your arms and most of all, because of all the reasons listed above, I hope it’s useful.


It was very fun to make and it was a quick knit. The bottom two repeats used up more blue yarn than all of the repeats above and I thought I had to use a third skein, but it was okay, two was enough (which means I have a skein of delicious blue yarn left, ah, the possibilities).

I really hope it will be useful. Happy birthday, Lyndsey-bean!

Yarn is Malabrigo Worsted, colors Jewel Blue and Lettuce.