Winter pics

So, I’m making progress in my studying, yesterday I turned in my last essay (let me tell you, it was a really good one, I’m really proud of myself. To understand it, it requires that you know about Swedish culture and history, Polish culture and history, feminism, the mentality of some people from northern Sweden, a Swedish news correspondant in Poland and the books that he writes, Polish politics, Swedish politics, European politics and that you can read and understand Swedish. My essay has a very limited circle of intended readers but to those readers, I’m the king) and tomorrow the exam starts. I will be quite elusive till at least Sunday.

I see no one, I knit nothinh and all I care about are how many pages I’ve read. The only social interaction I’ve had, besides co-workers and partner, is this.


A cat. It looked at me suspicously through the window. I looked equally suspiciously back. Then it continued walking. I continued reading.

Since there is still not much knitting going on I will continue to show you finished projects that I for some reason haven’t shown you before.


Like these. These are fingerless mitts made for Agnieszka. They look super weird if you just look at them lying on a table but once you put them on they make much more sense.


They are really pretty and I made them before dark blue and gray gave me shivers in late January. They were a part of a bigger knitting project of making sure Agnieszka is not cold this spring, on the other side of the ocean where I’m not close by and can throw knitwear at her faster than anyone can say double-pointed needles.


The pattern is Sky Blue by Star Athena. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock, color Persia.



Other parts in the bigger plan of keeping Agnieszka warm was this cowl.


Pattern Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West. This is my third go at this pattern. I’ve got it out of my system now.


Then there was this hat. Pattern Antler Hat by tincanknits. Yarn for both cowl and hat is Malabrigo Rios, color Sunset.

I might be showing you winter pictures right now to keep my mind from the fact that it is many degrees warm and all my summer clothes are still in boxes but that’s okay since I can’t enjoy the weather anyway since I have to study. That might be it.