Spring in Search of Colors


Lately it seems like this have become more of a gardening blog than a knitting blog. But it is spring and I’m constantly amazed about all the lovely things growing everywhere. This past weekend the lilacs started blooming. If you remember what I’ve said about bird cherries and lilacs, I can tell you that this year was a good year for our shoemaker. I saw the first bird cherry blossom on April 29, very early I must say, and then the temperature dropped and the first lilac around the corner from my building didn’t blossom until this past weekend. The shoemaker could rest for almost three weeks.

I hadn’t realized this before but when I smelled the first lilac I noticed that it’s a smell that I for some reason associate with my dad. I’m not sure why but he did have a birthday in the beginning of June, prime time for lilacs, so that might be it.


Another reason why there is not much knitting going on in this knitting blog right now is that there is not much knitting going on in my life right now. I keep working and I keep studying for my exam (Friday to Saturday, then classes are over for the semester). If I ever get a chance to do anything else I try to go outside to enjoy the remarkable weather (and the lilacs). But, just because there is no knitting (there isn’t no knitting, that’s absurd, there is just not much knitting, I don’t think I could ever do no knitting) doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any knitting and therefore I’m going to bring knitting back to the knitting blog by showing you some finished knitting.


Back in February I only knit in dark blue it seemed so to add a little color in my life I cast on this little baby cardigan. Back in February it seemed hugely colorful, I realize that now, in mid-May, it’s a little pale. Especially since the pictures were taken in early March. That landscape compared with the view outside my window right now – the only word that springs to mind is pale.


But apparently in February I thought this the height of colorfulness (no wonder it didn’t give me as much knitting peace as I thought it would) and I cast on. It all ended up in a small and lovely cardigan for my then unborn nephew. It became his on the babyshower I attended in March. Don’t get me wrong, I totally think this cardigan is lovely, just maybe a little paler than I thought when I cast on. It’s nothing wrong with pale, hey, in a few days I’ll be casting on something in a pale yellow, but pale is perhaps not the correct medicine if you are urging for colors.


I think I’ve talked so much about colors this spring that I will probably remember it as the Spring in Search of Colors. I think it will be a lesson learned, next year in February when I start craving color, I will go for the neon immeadiately, that will be the only way.

The pattern for the pretty cardigan that is now Eliott’s, is something I’ve made up myself. The yarn is Fin from Du store alpakka, color 221 Håndmalt i grønn/beige toner (handpainted in green/beige) (had I bothered to look up what the yarn company called this colorway, instead of just going with the number, I probably would have realized earlier that this might be a little pale. There is a lesson in there too somewhere, I’m sure).