A few weeks ago we went and bought geraniums. They were pink and we felt it was quite important that they were pink. It’s like a thing we have going, a small piece of a bigger picture. There were buds and they were just about to bloom.



Well, I think we must have been duped somehow. Or, the geraniums aren’t comfortable at our place and are showing their discontent. You see, the new flowers are not so much pink as they are white. The previous ones were perhaps not a hot pink but they were a clear and decent pink. These new ones, they are very light pink, and now I’m being nice. I don’t know if the color will deepen or something but right now I’m a little confused.

We’ll see how they turn out, we can always put them in another window (maybe that’s exactly what they want) and get new pink geraniums if this continues. But yeah, duped by a flower, that’s not something you hear about everyday.