Right side of luck


Look! I was fasst enough! I knew it was a close call, my skein had five metres (5,1 yards) less than the pattern stated but I decided to walk a little on the wild side and wing it. There is usually yarn left, right? Why not this time? I wasn’t as cocky when I was knitting the last few rows and it dawned upon me that I was slowly but steadily running out of yarn. The binding off had more than 500 stitches and I wasn’t sure I would make it until the very end. In this little ball of yarn there is 5,54 metres (about six yards). Lucky for me there were no more rows. Sometimes you deserve som luck, right? This shawl wouldn’t have worked at all if I had been five meters short instead. But now, I’m just a block away from a lovely shawl. Yay!

So, what to do with the five meters that are left?