My darling little niece narrates everything she does. When she goes on a slide she says “slide down”. When she falls over she says “fall down” and when she finds a step to play on she says “step up”. When she runs somewhere she exclaims “fast” and she is very fast. It’s also a good way of making her go in the right direction, offer to race her, fast. She has a way of lingering on the s-sound for a while before the -t comes and it’s just the cutest thing, like everything she does. Fasst!

I only have eight rows left on my shawl-in-progress but I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn and as many knitters before me I believe that if I could only knit fast enough I will be finished before I run out of yarn. Now I can hear my niece calling “fast” when I sit down (“sit down”) to knit to make sure I remember to knit faster than then the yarn is out. Fasst! A few rows back I wasn’t going fast enough but I’ve sped up and right now I Believe I’m ahead of the yarn. Unfortunately the last row is over 500 stitches and the binding off is a complex yarn-eating one that will just gluttonize the yarn before I can even blink. The yarn is a rare one too, it resembles minced My Little Ponies and I’ve never seen anything like it before so I can’t substitute it either. The store where I bought is on the other side of the world. There really is no solution to this except knitting faster. Fasst!