Boredom continued


The routine from last week continues. Work, study, finish knitted projects. This week it’s┬áthe buttons’ turn to get some attention. And really, I’ve made progress. Eight out of twelve buttons are attached and I feel very pleased with myself. Tomorrow I think it will be time for the remaining four buttons, if I can find something suitable in my button collection (my button collection is depressingly small. I should really try to do something about that), and also I think I’ll have a go at attaching ladybugs to a sweater. If I have the time, that is, studying is still prioritized and will so be until the exam next week. Last week I read about history, this week the history continues but seems to be mostly about economy and I’m sorry but that’s not really up my alley. But since the weather is also mostly cloudy and rainy I figure it’s okay to be a bit bored. I must admit though that it is hugely satisfactory to see the finished garment, no loose ends, buttons attached, ready to wear. I guess the biggest part of that satisfaction is that it means I get to cast on something new. That’s always fun.