Short notice panic


So here we are. An invitation in the mail that gives me only a few weeks to knit something very nice to someone close. I thought I had at least the double amount of time, over a month from now, to make a decision, order yarn and cast on, but no. Just a few short weeks. And I really want to finish a few other things before that. So what to do?

First off, I need to decide what to make. Usually a shawl is my go-to knitting for gifts for bigger occasions. They are less work and less yarn requiring than a sweater but usually more elgant and bigger (and more all-year-round) than a hat. Hence, I think I’ll go with a shawl this time too. But which one? A lacy, pretty one for elegant parties or a more sturdy, warm thing to snuggle up with on a chilly evening? What yarn? Easy to wash or more delicate? One color or many colors? So many decisions to make and so little time to make them.

Luckily I usually get a pretty good feeling of what I want to make for someone, and I usually get that feeling quite fast. And until my yarn order arrives I will try to make as much as I can on Project Baby Love so that I can send things off to the different recipients. Twelve buttons but only a few ends left and hopefully I can make that happen before the yarn arrives.

There is just no end to the busy times. But then again, what fun would we have then?