This has been quite a boring week. I’ve woken up, I’ve gone to work, it’s been raining, I’ve done my work, I’ve gone home, I’ve studied for my exam and I’ve woven in ends, then I’ve gone to bed, I’ve woken up and I’ve continued on my treadmill. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some excellent progress, I’ve studied a lot and most of all, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve told other people about what I’ve learned and thus spread the enlightenment. Also, today I got a really great score on a pop quiz about the history of Lithuania, just because I’ve been so busy studying, and I haven’t even studied the history of Lithuania. Had I done that quiz a week ago I would have scored much lower. Yay me.


I have also made great progress on the weaving in of ends. I might be done, might be. Then it’s just buttons and pictures and you know, the rest. A neckline, some ladybugs, edges, stuff like that. But the ends, yup, mostly woven in. I can tell I’ve probably been a bit bored about this though. Not by the fact that it’s boring to weave in ends but by the way I’ve been jumping from project to project in my mind. The other day two cross-stitch kits found their way to my place but I couldn’t start any of them due to the above mentioned treadmill. The following day I caught myself ogling some really pretty yarn and imagining what to make from it. Yup, jumping from project to project, even if it’s only in my mind, is a clear indication that I’m bored. So bored. Maybe I need an assistant that can take over once the blocking is done? It’s a thought.

There is progress, the pictures above show it. They are taken with a few days in between and those tulips are now blooming. That’s nice, even if it means standing outside in the rain to be able to appreciate them. But yes, we are moving forward, things won’t last forever, soon the studying is done and the boring parts of knitting is done and I can start something new. Till then, I’m going to comfort myself by surfing the Nets for some sweet sweater patterns.