Would you look at that! That are ends that have been weaved in. I wasn’t at all expecting to do that tonight but after having read more than 30 pages for my upcoming exam I apparently had enough energy to move on to weaving in ends. (Now that it’s time for bed I actually feel a little knitting deprived…) This bunch took me forever and then I still have the ends of one more sleeve to weave in, and that’s just on this sweater, there are more sweaters there too. On the other hand, this is the piece with the most ends so I figure I might actually have done half the job already, including everything that’s (sort of) finished right now. That’s huge progress! Maybe this means it will be easier to do the rest tomorrow or another fine day soon.

To sum up, I have the ends of a sleeve to attend to and then three buttons, I have two other sweaters and a hat that needs ends woven in and buttons sewn, all in all it’s nine buttons. I have the neckline, blocking, weaving in ends and three more ladybugs to knit, attach and then weave in ends on said ladybugs, all for a sweater. I have the last little pieces of a front and a back of a slipover to make, and then the finishing. (I also have a very neglected bobbin lace chicken to see to.) When all this is done I need to take pictures and I can assure you I will feel pretty darn good about myself. Then all (who am I kidding – “all”) that’s left is to ship these items off to their different recipients, preferably before the wee ones grow out of them. (Yeah, good plan, definitely good plan.)

This shouldn’t be too bad, right?