This is my first apartment with a balcony and even though I really don’t like dirt I’ve been excited about being able to have windowboxes for the first time. Unfortunately for the windowboxes but fortunately for a lot of other reasons, I have to wait since this spring there is a big restoration of all the balconies on the building going on. However, I have started to think about what I want with those windowboxes.


Also, since this apartment has more rooms and more windows, I’ve been thinking about what to put in my windows. The few little pots from before we moved in are barely covering our livingroom and now the rest of the rooms need to have their fair share of flowery beauty.


Today we went to a big store that has everything one can ask for when it comes to gardening. There we looked around at all the flowers and pots and such just to get inspired when the time comes and our balcony is, literally, open for us again.


For now though, we are settling for two pink geraniums to keep in our kitchen. It looks lovey!