Stop harassing my stash

I wonder what it is with people who doesn’t understand that knitting, as every other hobby, costs money and aquires material. I admit, I have absolutely no limits when it comes to buying yarn or casting on projects (that is not true, I do have limits, I only cast on projects I want to knit, at least on some level and I usually never buy more yarn than I can afford (for example, I always pay rent before I buy yarn and I have food to last me all month, what more could you ask for? Also, I’m not ready for an episode of Hoarders and the yarn is not in anyone’s way (and the only people who can actually have a say in that are the people who live in the same apartment as I)), but why is that a problem? And more importantly, why is that someone else’s problem? Why does someone need to point out that I have a big stash in a tone that clearly shows that this is not a good thing? How does that affect them? Who gets to decide how much is too much?

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Sure, my hobby costs. Descent yarn for a sweater can be more than 600-1000 kronors (86-144 US dollars) and probably takes 40 hours or more to knit. I’ve had great fun during those 40 hours and I get a sweater at the end. That’s 2.15-3.6 dollars per hours. How much do you think it costs per hour to skydive? Or golf? I would understand people’s concern if yarn contained some kind of illegal substance but unless you’re allergic to wool you’re okay. Why is it laughable to have multiple skeins of yarn or plenty of knitting needles? Do you mock a carpenter for having a lot of wood or tools? Should I be ashamed of my yarn because modesty is a virtue? Not until my neighbours feel ashamed of having too many geraniums on their balcony (which I totally love by the way, I would never tell anyone that they have too many geraniums, I don’t think it’s possible to have too many geraniums). You won’t even see my stash unless you know where to look, aka gets invited into my livingroom.

I have yarn. Yarn is harmless. Yarn is useful. Yarn will warm you when you are cold and yarn will keep me entertained for hours and hours. Yarn becomes beautiful knitted objects on my needles and that’s all there is to say about it.