Spring pumps


I love high-heeled shoes and pumps in particular. Spring is a particularly good time to wear pumps. As I discussed with a shoe sales person today, pumps are the perfect shoe for a spring coat. For example, they look a little cold together with a winter coat. And flat summer shoes looks to warm for a spring coat. When it’s warm enough to wear a spring coat but it’s still not warm enough to stop you from wearing pantyhose for the year. That’s when the pump comes in.


Also, as the sales person pointed out, with pumps on you look welldressed.Someone I know always puts on ear clips and lipstick when she’s off to a meeting. I myself usually put on pumps. A brisk walk in pumps adds a certain confidence┬áto the step. They are different from other high-heeled shoes that you might wear to a party. Pumps, almost no matter the height of the heel, the word sensible is obviously subjective, mean business. You don’t mess with someone in pumps.


Today I ran past a shoe store and outside in a bin was a lovely blue shoe. I immeadiately stopped and tried it on. It fit like a glove and I got in to buy the other one. These year’s spring pumps are blue with an openwork pattern, lined with beige and a little bow on top. Lovely, intresting, a little fun but most importantly – elegant.