Swatch struggle


Today I’ve worked on a major swatch problem. The problem was both with┬áthe yarn and with the pattern. After struggling hard with just a few short rows I got really upset, I’m not used to struggling with knitting like this. I let the swatch be for a while, went out for a long walk (it’s spring!) and when I got back inside again I sat down to continue solving my swatch problem. After a while I realized that I had to separate the yarn problem from the pattern problem. I started with the pattern problem and picked up a another yarn and larger needles to make a repeat of the lace where I could actually see what I was doing and getting some sort of context to every row. Apparently I have a problem with the yarn overs but at least I could see what I was doing and I managed to get it straight. Now I can use this as a reference when I’m trying to solve the yarn problem. But I’ll look into that tomorrow. Or the next day. We’ll see.