A small hat


Today I’ve been walking in a winter wonderland with the sun in my eyes. It was quite the thing, not too cold, lovely view and so much sun it almost hurt the eyes. It’s been a while since I saw snow, the winter hasn’t really been that good but this Easter weekend we’ve done something about that.


Where there is snow, there is cold and where there is cold, you need a hat and that’s what I’ve knit today – a small hat. It needs blocking and ends woven in but other than that, I’ve made a hat. Lucky for me I have my own hat also because this one sure is too small to fit me or anyone around me but then again, it’s not for me nor any of us here. Now I’ve cast on a little cardigan but I’ve gotten no double-pointed needles for the sleeves so this might get interesting. It’s time to get creative and I have some ideas on how to do it. We’ll se how it works out.