Shoulda, woulda, coulda


I’m sorry for being so elusive. I have plenty of things to blog about but I have an exam coming up and I’m in deep procrastination over it and my one source of procrastination is knitting. I should study for my exam, I should unpack and tidy up the apartment. I should, I don’t know, go out for a run or something but I just don’t want to. I want to sit down and knit. Project Baby Love is still on the go even though my enthusiasm is somewhat weakened. Three baby sweaters has come off my needles though and that’s not bad, not bad at all. One or two more and then we’re good.

My stash is both a comfort and a distraction. It gives me pleasure but is also so tempting that is prevents me from doing what I should. I’m weak and I admit it and I guess the stash has the upper hand on me instead of the other way around but honestly, I don’t really mind. For now the stash rules me and we’re both having a great time. (Of course this is just to make the stash believe it will always rule me. This is obviously not the case, any day now I will break loose and start ruling the stash. What the stash doesn’t realize is that while it rules me, I keep knitting from it which weakens it since I turn it’s members into baby sweaters and soon (well, I understand that it will take some time) I will outnumber the stash. At least sizewise. I also understand that I won’t be able to start outnumber the stash before the exam but by getting rid of the most tempting stuff I hope to at least weaken the stash’s grip on me.)

Have a nice and knitterly Saturday!