1 year


Today mark my one year blogiversary. It’s been one year since I sat down to write my first post and introduced myself and my love for knitting. Since then a lot has happened, I still do love knitting but some things have changed in my life. I have a much bigger stash than I had a year ago. I have moved into a new condo, which has much better room for the aforementioned stash. I have travelled around the world. I have a freezer full of yarn (which has been in quarantine long enough by now I think) and I have knit, knit, knit.

A few days ago I was looking through my blog and it seems that I was in as much need for spring colors last year as I am now, and, just like last year, I was haunted by blue. For some reason I seem to knit blue the first months of a new year (next year I’ll break the trend and knit only in pink and yellow between January and March).

It seems though that I have found the perfect knitting to take care of my spring feelings (granted I have changed the pattern to create said perfection). It’s a shiny bambu yarn, it’s bigger needles than I normally use for a baby sweater and the colors, oh the colors, the colors are delicious! Light blue, light yellow and lime green. I just can’t get enough of it. Also, this project seems to just fly off the needles. The pattern says I should knit the back, front and sleeves separately and since I really don’t care for sewing together my projects (I do a lot of shawls…) I’ve toyed a bit with the construction to minimize the sewing part. We’ll see how it ends up. So far so good.

Let’s see what this blog year brings!