Yarn fear


This is a baby sweater in the making. I went stash shopping and found this green alpaca-silk blend and I cast on. I thought it would take forever because this calls for much much more stitches than my usual baby sweaters do so I thought it might be a bit big. It will probably be a bit big but the recipient isn’t a newborn so I think it will be fine. Also, it hasn’t taken forever, not at all, for which I’m very grateful. I only have an inch left till it’s time to attach the sleeves (granted I also have to knit sleeves first but you can’t have everything) and most of the body so far has been knit today.

The pattern calls for 300 meters of yarn, I have 324 meters which should in theory be fine but I’m worried. I have an inch left before the sleeves, I have the sleeves and the yoke and I’m already on the second ball. What if I run out of yarn halfway through the yoke? I’m thinking I could just pick another color but honestly I’m not very keen on the idea. I want this sweater to be green. I think we’ll just have to hold our thumbs that the yarn will be enough, because, since it was stash shopping, I can’t really find more of that color or dyelot (and I don’t want this to end like the time I was going to use up left over yarn but ended up not having enough so I had to buy more yarn which resulted in the same amount of left over yarn as when I started, I was just a little poorer). What a dilemma, we’ll see how it goes, hold your thumbs!