Today we had breakfast up on the mountain. We went on the snow mobile and had a marvellous time, the sun was shining and the view was superb. No knitting up there though but that was no problem, there will be knitting today anyway.

A small hat


Today I’ve been walking in a winter wonderland with the sun in my eyes. It was quite the thing, not too cold, lovely view and so much sun it almost hurt the eyes. It’s been a while since I saw snow, the winter hasn’t really been that good but this Easter weekend we’ve done something about that.


Where there is snow, there is cold and where there is cold, you need a hat and that’s what I’ve knit today – a small hat. It needs blocking and ends woven in but other than that, I’ve made a hat. Lucky for me I have my own hat also because this one sure is too small to fit me or anyone around me but then again, it’s not for me nor any of us here. Now I’ve cast on a little cardigan but I’ve gotten no double-pointed needles for the sleeves so this might get interesting. It’s time to get creative and I have some ideas on how to do it. We’ll se how it works out.

Chocolate and raspberries


It’s just on the verge of Easter and I’ve been preparing all day. First of all I’ve done what I’ve could on my studying, we’ll see how it goes. Second, I’ve made the preparations for an Easter cake. A cake with chocolate and raspberries and marzipan decorations.


I’ve made this cake many times before and it’s delicious. I’ll put it all together later, it’s easier to store this way. We have many plans for Easter so there won’t be much time for blogging but I will show you the finished cake and I’ll hopefully have a lot of knitting time. I have plans for two hats and two sweaters, we’ll see how far I get.


Spring Evenings


There is something special about spring evenings, these evenings in late April and early May. Everything looks prettier all of a sudden and the evenings are lighter and you never want to go home. You stay out much longer than you expected, standing in a street corner talking to your friends and forget about the time. You’re wearing your spring coat which is too cold in the morning but perfect when the sun is up but once the sun goes down it’s way too cold for that spring coat but you don’t care because the smell is wonderful and every moment is filled with promises, memories and expectations. There are flowers in every corner and every day there are new leaves on the trees until poof! everything is green around you and you have now idea when or how that happened.


It’s a comforting time, you can do whatever you want, the sky is the limit and you feel a new hope spiring inside you. You take a detour on your way home just to see if the sqills are in bloom in the park, the bike has never felt so easy to pedal and you feel like there is an hot air ballon inside you because you float and every new sign of life makes you smile. It’s a great time to be young and to be a student (except that you have no patience with studies at this moment) but it’s equally wonderful to be older – the sky is the limit, it’s a comforting time.

It used to culminate in the spring ball, probably one of the most romantic evenings in the whole year if all goes well and by that

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I mean things like, you don’t get too tired because you’ve worked like a little maniac for the past month and want to go home by ten o’clock (which is a little difficult since you’ve probably just started your main course at the dinner by ten o’clock), or you have boring dinner company or you lose all your friends on the dance floor and can’t find them again or there is too much of something you’re allergic too in the food and you spend the rest of the evening feeling queezy, there are a lot that can go wrong but if everything works out, it’s a lovely evening when you stay out all night, dancing, listening to choir music in the park, baking scones in the wee hours of the morning and have picnic outside, playing games (yeah, you try playing kubb in a ball gown, it works but you need hold out your skirt with one hand while playing with the other) in the park when you’ve kicked off your shoes somewhere, eating ice crem and then slowly walking back home in the early afternoon the day after. Yes, a spring ball can last for a long time.

That’s the ultimate spring evening but it doesn’t have to be that fancy, just biking through town on a regular May or April evening can just as rewarding. The smell and the expectations that floats in the air can make just about anyone happy, I promise.

Easter Bunny


Everything is all about studying right now, I haven’t even had time to knit tonight. Now I’m deadly tired and need to go to bed. I’ve made good progres on my studies but there is still a long way to go and so little time (basically because my studies are through the Internet and I won’t have Internet access over Easter).

I did get a surprise when I came into work this morning though. The Easter Bunny had payed me a visit during the night. That was very nice, what a lovely Easter Egg. Thank you, Easter Bunny!

I sure hope your evenings has brought more knitting than mine has. Happy knitting, everyone!

Productive – unproductive


This has been one of those days when meetings have succeeded each other and all I’ve been able to eat all afternoon was tea and different kinds of sweets that was served in the meetings. I didn’t arrive home until late in the evening and now I’m awfully tired. I haven’t had a chance to study either. No food and no study – not a very good day. I was able to knit some in the meetings at least and I’ve finished a small sleeve. Also, I’ve sewn labels in the some of the things I’ve finished so I can’t say this hasn’t been a completely unproductive day. And, the meetings were quite productive too, I must admit. So, productive meetings, a sleeve and sewn labels, that’s something.

But still, no

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food and no studying.



I’ve stopped procrastinating. At least for the most part. The trick was to weave in some ends and to sew buttons, very boring, which gave me a kick in the butt to actually start studying for my test. Also, I cast on a cardigan that I’ve done before, very pretty, but I’m using the same yarn and the same colors as the last one, except I’ve changed the color order, so the novelty of it all isn’t really there which also takes out some of the excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I want to knit it but it’s not as exciting as a new pattern and new yarn would be.

We did take pictures today too so hopefully I will have something to show you this coming week. Whoopee!

Shoulda, woulda, coulda


I’m sorry for being so elusive. I have plenty of things to blog about but I have an exam coming up and I’m in deep procrastination over it and my one source of procrastination is knitting. I should study for my exam, I should unpack and tidy up the apartment. I should, I don’t know, go out for a run or something but I just don’t want to. I want to sit down and knit. Project Baby Love is still on the go even though my enthusiasm is somewhat weakened. Three baby sweaters has come off my needles though and that’s not bad, not bad at all. One or two more and then we’re good.

My stash is both a comfort and a distraction. It gives me pleasure but is also so tempting that is prevents me from doing what I should. I’m weak and I admit it and I guess the stash has the upper hand on me instead of the other way around but honestly, I don’t really mind. For now the stash rules me and we’re both having a great time. (Of course this is just to make the stash believe it will always rule me. This is obviously not the case, any day now I will break loose and start ruling the stash. What the stash doesn’t realize is that while it rules me, I keep knitting from it which weakens it since I turn it’s members into baby sweaters and soon (well, I understand that it will take some time) I will outnumber the stash. At least sizewise. I also understand that I won’t be able to start outnumber the stash before the exam but by getting rid of the most tempting stuff I hope to at least weaken the stash’s grip on me.)

Have a nice and knitterly Saturday!

Family reunion


I told you I was going to block things tonight. Look, three little baby sweaters blocking together. They look like three friends, playing together and yet they’re eventually off to different babies and different families. Still, it feels like these three baby recipients are somehow connected. They will all have sweaters that blocked together and was made from the same knitter. Once I put my label on thr sweaters the babies will always be able to recognize each others through those labels, even when I’m long gone and the sweaters are worn by other babies. That it a nice thought, what if, many years from now, there will be a different kind of family reunion where people from all over the world would meet up as long as they have something handknit from me. Wouldn’t that be simply amazing?

Have I mentioned that I love knitting?


Gaah! The knitting goes so well – it’s all I want to do, colors, patterns, lovely yarn, it’s wonderful – that I completely forget to blog. I’m sorry! But I

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will try to block everything tomorrow and take pictures over the weekend so I can finally start to show you things. Hopefully the weekend will be sunny and I’m pretty sure it won’t be hard to pull me away from studying for an exam that will take place after Easter, to take photos. I have to weave in ends too of course. And buttons!

But yeah, I have to go knitting now. See you!