Gone West travel log – part I

Since my big trip to the West was divided into three parts, I figure it’s only suitable if my travel log is also divided into three parts. In addition of that I’ll try to put together a post about the yarn and pattern books part of the trip, but not until the quarantine is over.

The first part of my trip was a nice visit with my friend Lyndsey and her family in Oregon. I’ve met my niece and sung the “spider song” in Swedish about forty eleven times with her. She has also greeted me with a cheery “hello” about sixty times every day which was a delight, every single time.

I’m soon to be an aunt for the second time when my nephew is born in a few weeks and I got the opportunity to be part of a baby shower. We don’t have baby showers in Sweden so it was an interesting thing to be part of.


We had good food and dessert and played games.


I won a feeding bottle. We were supposed to guess how manu candies was stuffed in the bottle and I was closest. I’ve eaten the candy – delicious – and now I have to figure out what to do with the bottle. I can always give it to someone with a baby if I don’t have time to knit for said baby, or as an additional gift together with a sweater.


We met up with some old friends and went to a gorge. I’m not sure what a gorge is, apart from being a canyon filled with water but since I don’t know what a canyon is either that knowledge isn’t really helpful but I do know it’s gorgeous, to borrow a pun from Sarah.


From the gorge we went to Multnomah Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Oregon.


I was especially happy to go there since I happened to bring my Multnomah shawl on my trip. Now I was able to wear my shawl, the one with which I can camouflage myself in a forest. It’s true too, I would be totally camouflaged if I wore it and stepped away from the path into the woods.


Just look at that! It’s so green! Wonderful for someone who has spent the last few months in a winter ridden gray and muddy country. Had I put my shawl on a twig for a moment while doing something else I would have had a hard time retrieving it again.


We hiked up the path to the bridge but it wasn’t possible to step out on the bridge and honestly, we wouldn’t have wanted to either.


I doubt that anyone else would have wanted to do that either, apparently the winter storms have ruined the bridge and they haven’t had time to fix it yet.


With that lamp post the area around Multnomah Falls looked like the forest in Narnia. I almost expected to find a faun somewhere around.


After visiting the falls we had dinner just under the water reserve. Water reserves don’t look like that in Sweden, for example this is what the water reserve in Uppsala looks like, and but the do in movies so I thought it was a cool thing to see, and with all the lights it was really pretty.


Spring has arrived in Oregon and it was wonderfull to see all the flowers, trees in bloom, and daffodils.


It’s just so pretty!


Even on a rainy and cloudy day it’s beautiful. This garden is amazing but then again, so are the people living here.


I love bridge constructions like this. I also saw one on the second part of my trip. It’s a bit like the Golden Gate Bridge too. Visible eyebolts and brightly painted. This bridge is in Portland, Oregon and this is just the very end of it. I managed to get my camera and snap a picture just before we had passed it (of course I wasn’t the one driving).


Lyndsey and I went out to afternoon tea at a lovely little tea shop. The finger sandwiches were delicious, the scones too and the pastries had just the right amount of chocolate.


In the bathroom I found the funniest sign I’ve seen ever since I was in Brussels back in 2002 and found a sign in the bathroom of a restaurant telling visitors to “please remain seated till you’ve come to a complete stop”. This sign had the same theme but was a bit more elaborated.


The trip went fast by and too soon it was time to pack my things and head to the airport. At the gate I got some knitting done and so did the ladies behind me. I never got a chance to talk to them though but I know we are kindred spirits.