Go West


Tomorrow the adventure starts. It will be a long day, eight hours longer than a normal day. Tomorrow morning, at a completely ghastly hour, I’m going to board a plane and then I’m going to sit down for twelve hours straight (if you don’t count a short lay over and bathroom breaks) and when I stand up again I have travelled to the other side of the world, sort of. I’m going to the States to visit some of my dearest friends. It will be amazing and fun and sweet and lovely. We will eat good food, drink good beverages, have long nice talks and buy delicious yarn. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog much but I’ll be back in the country before you can start spelling the word April.

Now, a long plane ride requires good knitting and I’ve been planning and thinking and organizing for the last week. Color is the collective word and from that I’m bringing:

1.  A knitting that is mainly stockinette stitch because it’s easy to do when you don’t have much time in between flights or have found a really good movie too watch that you need to concentrate a bit on. -A shawl.

2. A knitting with lovely soft yarn and an interesting lace pattern that will be enough to concentrate a bit on an keep up interest but not so lacey I will get tired of it. -Another shawl.

3. A knitting that has a really complicated colorwork, just to challenge myself a bit. -A third shawl.

4. A knitting that is quick and easy breezy but with soft yarn, just to get a sense of progress. “If I’ve gotten this far on this knitting, it can’t be many hours left in the air.” -A baby sweater.

Now, will this be enough? It’s probably enough for the trip over but then what? I will be gone for two weeks, I have altogether 27 hours on a plane and lots of knitting time in between. Shawl no. 1 is half way done and shawl no. 2 is cast on but none of the others are on the needles yet. I think I will settle for these four knittings (I also have books, real ones, audio ones and iPad ones and that should keep me occupied for a while too), and, from what I’ve heard, America isn’t completely out of yarn just yet (but they might be when I leave in two weeks…). It should all be fine. Times passes even if you are bored (I mean, I actually did go through every single Christmas Eve between age 3 and age 9 even though I was convinced I would never make it, due to boredom).

See you on the other side of the pond!

Golden sonar


I was so bummed yesterday to find out that I have accidentally kept this piece of goodies from you, that I need to show it to you straight away. This is my delicious shawl, where every ingredient was delicious and it turned into a perfectly marvellous shawl.


It’s my (since I’ve knit another one in the same pattern for Agnieszka) Sonar Shawl, pattern by the ever so clever Cindy Garland. She knows how to work colors in her patterns and the result is always delicious (unless you have bad taste in colors or you realize a little too late that your colors don’t match (yes, that might have happened (do not make me talk about it again, I’m still traumatized))).


The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in colors Sunset and Sandbank. I had hoped for the Sandbank to be a little more brown than now, it’s more towards gray, but this way my shawl is both gold and silver. And it’s warm and fun to knit and the yarn is lovely and I can go on forever but I think the pictures say it all.


The pictures

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were taken on a 40’s themed photo session and my hair and make up are according to that theme. I think it looks pretty nice together with the shawl. Also, that hair-do is to die for, thank you mum for making it! Too bad it takes too long to be able to do it every day.