Blocking sandwich


This weekend looks like it’s going to be the Big Blocking Weekend. Some finished objects are piling up and I haven’t gotten around to block them but this weekend we’re doing something about it. I don’t have enough blocking mats (nor the livingroom space) to block it all at the same time so I’m trying to sandwich the finished items, once one is dry those mats can be used for something else.


Something blue is cooking since this morning and this evening something dusty got pinned down on a few mats. I hope the blue thing is dry by tomorrow morning so I can block something red. If that dries up quickly I hope to be able to dry Divergence tomorrow too. Then I’m done blocking for now. Tomorrow I will also wind a ball of yarn and hopefully cast on a new shawl if I have time between celebrating my mother’s birthday, finishing the book for tomorrow’s book club, hand in my Polish homework, finding the clothes that are still in moving boxes and you know, just sort things through. I’m pretty sure there will be some knitting somewhere though, it’s almost always is.