The Stash once more


Once me and my friend Agnieszka discussed my stash. When can you say that a new yarn purchase belong to the stash? I sometimes need to buy yarn for a specifik project and if I start that project immediately I don’t the yarn have time to end up in the stash. But what if I wait a day to start my project? Does my yarn become stash yarn? The core question is: how long can you have yarn before it becomes part of the stash?

My answer to this is that it depends. Yarn with no designated project end up in the stash quite immediately. Yarn with a designated Project but with no time plan for when it will be cast on becomes stash yarn after, let’s say, a month or two. Yarn with a designated type of Project, let’s say a baby sweater, but with no intended recipient (for example because the baby isn’t even conceived yet or is conceived but I don’t know about it) also becomes stash yarn right away.

Then there is that yarn that has a designated project, a time plan and a recipient. That yarn never ends up as stash yarn, no matter how long it takes before I cast on. As long as there is a plan, the yarn doesn’t belong to the stash. If I change my mind though, and the yarn is no longer part of a plan, it becomes stash yarn without further ado.

It is also a question of location. Before, when my stash was hidden under the bed, it was pretty obvious when something became stash yarn. When I no longer kept it around close to me and instead made the effort to pull out the stash, then yarn became stash yarn. Same thing if I didn’t pick something that was lying around, in a bag next to my armchair for example, but instead, again, pulled out the boxes from under the bed, that’s when I went digging in the stash. Back then it was so much more obvious what was stash yarn and what was not. Now a newly bought skein end up in the stash immediately, which shelf depending on color and weight, and it’s no longer obvious what is truly stash yarn and what only shares a shelf with the stash yarn. We’ll see if this new arrangement will change how I look upon my stash. The future will tell.