There is still room in my stash


I ordered some yarn today. It sometimes feels like I shouldn’t do that, I mean, I have a decent stash, do I really need more yarn? (The answer to that question is always yes, by the way.) I aired these thoughts today and I got the answer that obviously I should have more yarn, there is still room in my stash. And that is true, it’s not full. Not at all.

Then there is different types of yarn in the stash. There is yarn that was bought for other people and there is yarn that was bought for me. I see  lovely yarn and I think that it should look gorgeous on a baby, or a friend of mine or someone else and then I see some other lovely yarn and I think that it would be perfect for me. For some reason that’s whe it’s decided and it can’t be changed. Yarn that was intended for me can’t be for someone else and the opposite.

A lot of yarn is also ear-marked for an intended project and I have big problems to change that thought. If I have to borrow the yarn for another project I can’t rest until I know that yarn has been replaced so I can still make the project it was intended for in the first place. Unfortunately this also means that I have to buy new yarn quite often since I come up with new projects that I want to make. This is also the reason why I sometimes try to buy some yarn that has no intended project, so I can acctually use it some time.

On the other hand it’s a little scary with virgin yarn, completely undecided and I can do whatever I want – but what do I want? Well, that is a story for another day.