Back in business


The blog has been down for a couple of days but we are finally back in business. In the meantime I have finished a shawl that I’ve been knitting between scenes during our performance of our play. This weeks performances are over and now we have a few days off before we do it again next weekend.

We’re re-decorating our bedroom this coming week and are therefore put our bed in the livingroom. Therefore I can’t block my new baby until we are back in the bedroom again. I simply can’t fit my blocking mats anywhere until the bed is back where it belong. Blocking is easily done though, it’s the knitting that takes time. Over 500 stitches during the last rows. It was good measurement though, I was able to finish one row between my two scenes. Now, till next weekend, I need to find a new knitting with the same amount of work so I know when I’m needed on stage again. I don’t think that will be a problem though, finding a new knitting. I’m good at stuff like that.