Lace preparations


There’s a new lace on the bobbins. I haven’t got very far, it takes quite a lot of time to thread the bobbins and get started. A lot longer than to cast on a knitting, or even wind a skein or two. Once the bobbins are threaded it’s a little tricky to get them all working into the lace. A least in knitting there are only two needles, here there are multiple since all bobbins come in pairs. This lace has only fourteen pairs, the shoe had 16. The biggest lace I’ve made had 21 pairs but I’ve seen laces with over a hundred bobbins. That’s quite amazing.


After all the preparations I only managed a few moves but all the bobbins are working and things will speed up a lot from now.

That will have to be another evening though, it’s late and I need to go to bed.
Good night!