Busy, busy


Things are practically buzzing with business in this household. Creativity is sparkling (unfortunately not much of it is yarn related) and we’re making things. The other day all members of the household was standing on the same ladder, tying ropes together in order to keep fabric hang from the roof to create a set piece. We rocked on that one and no one fell off the ladder.


This evening Julle has a flag project including ironing, cutting and gluing while I’ve been on a quick coloring course at my friend Matilda’s. I’m telling you, things are steaming up (pun intended considering the picture) and we’re busy, busy. We’ll stay busy, busy till this week is over, then maybe we’ll be just busy. We’re having a lot of fun though and at least I’m making crazy mistakes that we’ll laugh about for a long time.

It will be nice when we go down to just busy though, busy, busy is fun but for a limited amount of time.