I’ve got it!


It finally dawned on me. I know why I feel like I never finish anything and why it’s wearing on me. It’s not the shawl’s fault, not at all. It is a little due to lack of time but that’s not really the whole story either. I know why everybody is so tired, why everybody is sick, why nothing is fun, why people are short-tempered and why I can’t get my knitting done. I have the answer. Me, I know the secret, the reason why nothing works and nothing is fun.

It’s February. And it’s the dullest, grayest most boring February I have seen in a long, long time. It’s gray and muddy and a bit rainy every now and then. It’s supposedly light for a longer part of the day than it was in December but I can’t tell, it’s just gray. So how can I expect to knit something in dark blue when there is no light around me? What was I thinking?

Yarn harlot has friend, Denny, who says that you should never knit gray in March. That’s aparentely true about knitting blue in February too. I realized this when I caught myself looking at rainbow colored yarn knit in delicious color combinations and I felt a bit delirious at the thought of casting on.

I really do need to finish the two¬†projects I have on the go but I hereby vow to knit something colorful once I’m done with these. This means that there is a birthday present that will have to wait a while, because I thought I’d make it in blue but I don’t think I can stand that right now. Also, a baby sweater will be put on the waiting list. Or I’ll do it all in canary yellow.

There is hope. I have made it to row 6 on the border and there is another 22 rows left, then I’m done. 22 long¬†rows with 402 stitches… Let’s not count how many stitches that is, let’s focus on the fact that I’ve knit 117 rows already, the 22 rows that’s left should just breeze by with me even noticing. Yes, that’s how it’s going to be.