Not tired


I read through some blogs today and it seems like everbody is tired and stressed out. I’m tired too but I just couldn’t face being another tired blog today. Therefore I’ve made sure to make this a lovely evening. I’ve finished my Polish homework early, I have tea and chocolate and I’m pretty confident I’ll make it to the border of my lace shawl this evening. What’s not to be, not tired but comfortably peaceful about? This is not tiredness anymore, this is calming down before it’s time to go to bed so I can actually fall asleep early and hopefully not be as tired tomorrow. This is a plan, the not-tired-plan.

Also, I rewarded myself for being so good at making a lace shoe, by casting on a baby sweater from yarn that has been shouting the loudest at me lately. I couldn’t help it, t practically fell into my hands and then continued onto the needles where it sort of started to knit itself, I had nothing to do with it. Almost nothing, I promise. But now it has to be knit without me until my blue lace is done. Okay, bravely on towards the border!