I made a shoe. Out of thread.

I know now that the recipients of last week’s bobbin lace hardship has opened their presents, hence I can finally show you what I made.


I made a shoe. Out of thread. There is nothing machine made on this thing, except perhaps the material itself.


I started, as you remember, last Wednesday and we had a difficult time, trying to figure out how to work this, my bobbin lace teacher and I, since the instructions where in Dutch, which none of us speak. After a few hours of one step forward and two steps backwards we had finally mastered the pattern and I could continue on my own.


I worked all of Thursday evening and went to bed just after I had come halfway. The pattern stated a sort of difficult move right in the middle but since I’ve only done that once before my bobbin lace teacher suggested I put some beads there instead. She was, as always, right, and it turned out very pretty with the beads, once I could decide which ones to use.


I picked the purple ones which I think was a very good choice. Because the lace was so small and the pins came so close to each other, I had to use the pins with small heads (at least that’s what you call the top of a pin in Swedish – head) and since the pattern was new and even though I had pre-pinned it, it was still rough on my finger tips to push down the pins. In the end I almost cried out loud every time I reached a pin but I got it done.


Considering how much trouble we had in the beginning I must say it went pretty well and also quite fast to make the lace. I think it became a pretty cool lace which is not something you can say about all laces.


When the top of the shoe was done, late Friday evening, I cut some fabric to become to bottom of the shoe and sewed it all together with the top of the shoe.


Luckily I had some ribbon in the same color as the beads to use as a suspension component so that this can be hung on a wall, for example. I also put a bow there to hide the seam, it’s quite hard do sew something in white and purple and use a thread that will be invisible on both.


In the end it all became a very small and very cute little shoe.