Why I keep my floors clean


It’s been a while since I finished something. I can feel it. All that yarn calling me and I’m tired of all my works in progress. I have much less time to knit these weeks than I had before and I got so used to finish things that I think that’s the ordinaray state of things. But now that I don’t have that much time, I can feel it, I’m not finishing at the same rate I use to and it has become old pretty quickly. It’s not that I need a finished object, it’s just that a finished object means closure and that I can start a new project. There are always so many more patterns I want to make than I have time to do. There are about fours shawls and two sweaters that I believe that I need right away but by this rate of knitting I feel like I won’t be done with those until May and I bet that by then I have more projects that I just need to make.

I’m pretty full booked until the end of March and none of that full booked thing includes knitting. There is a Swedish children’s book about a private-eye who has a secretary who crochet and sew things on the spare time she doesn’t have. That’s what I need to do, I need to squeeze in knitting when I didn’t think there was time. The problem is that I already do that so I have to be really sneaky to try to free up more knitting time. If I was a spare time knitting rookie I would start knitting on the bus, on the coffee breaks at work, between scenes at theatre rehearsal and so on.

The things is, I already do that. Now, to make the most of knitting I have to make sure all my friends come to see me instead of meeting out so that I can sit in my armchair and knit while they drink tea. Obviously I’m already a public knitter but right now I’m knitting lace which requires a chart and even though I’m determined and experienced, it’s a little hard to handle knitting, chart, tea, cookie, friend and other coffee house visitors at the same time. If I remove the crowded coffee house I won’t have to be afraid I would accidentally drop my pattern on the floor, have it stuck to someone’s wet boot and not being able to retrieve it untill it’s lying by the door in a sad wet pile that makes no one happy. At home I can at least make sure my floors are clean and not wet. Plus, meeting people at my place means that I won’t have to waste valuable knitting time walking anywhere.

Just as Ms Jansson in the book, I might be able to find a way to make things on my spare time even though I don’t have any spare time. I mean, how hard can it be?