The Great Lace Week


Next week will be all about lace. I have a project and I have a deadline. A tight one. It all starts tomorrow and I have prepared by taking out my bobbins and the thread in the right size (I will remove that gray yarn too) and tomorrow I’m off. I think it will be fun but probably a little hard too. I’ll show you my progress here in the blog. We’ve also prepared for the Great Lace Week by fixing me up with a desk in an appropriate height, a chair that goes with it and cardboard and self-adhesive plastic because, man, will there be lace making this week. A friend even asked me if I wanted to join her for a concert by I declined, I can’t do anything that puts me more than two feet from my bobbin lace board except work and theatre rehearsal. That’s what next week will be all about and I look forward to it. It all starts tomorrow and ends on Saturday, seven days and in the end hopefully a finished project. Here we go!