Busy, busy


Things are practically buzzing with business in this household. Creativity is sparkling (unfortunately not much of it is yarn related) and we’re making things. The other day all members of the household was standing on the same ladder, tying ropes together in order to keep fabric hang from the roof to create a set piece. We rocked on that one and no one fell off the ladder.


This evening Julle has a flag project including ironing, cutting and gluing while I’ve been on a quick coloring course at my friend Matilda’s. I’m telling you, things are steaming up (pun intended considering the picture) and we’re busy, busy. We’ll stay busy, busy till this week is over, then maybe we’ll be just busy. We’re having a lot of fun though and at least I’m making crazy mistakes that we’ll laugh about for a long time.

It will be nice when we go down to just busy though, busy, busy is fun but for a limited amount of time.



Well, well, well, look what’s blocking. My blue lace shawl. It’s very pretty and I have big hopes for it once it’s out of blocking. I’m also very happy to be out of knitting something dark blue. Now I believe there is a light blue, a dusty blue-green-pink and a red knitting in pipeline and then I’m just going to splurge in color, all colors of the rainbow hopefully. For now though, I’m just pleased to be done with knitting dark blue and as it happens, I also have a new shawl. Totally win-win.

Happy knitting!

Out and about


It’s extremely hard to take pictures that are not blurry when you’re on a moving train, so I didn’t even try. I’ve broken in another one of my new project bags and I’m very pleased with it. It allowed me to fit my knitting in my purse without messing it up when I took it out and everything just went very smooth.


We’ve been to the theatre tonight and my knitting got to experience one of the prettiest auditoriums I know. It even matched both my purse and the fabric on the chairs so it felt like it took it’s first theatre experience very seriously. I’m also pretty sure it will be its only theatre experience since it’s intended to be a baby sweater and babies don’t go to the theatre that often.

I was tired and I believe my knitting was too but all in all we had a very good time. I hope your Saturday night was as good as our’s!

What’s the colour of love?


The weather is still gray but I got a little color in my life in these luvely project bags that I got today. The brown one will have to wait till it’s more springlike outside but the pink ones are just delicious, especially the one to the right. It’s pink and white and glittery and just what I needed.


I also go a blue and green one, very springy even though these pictures are crappy because it’s still winter and dark

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outside and therefore the pictures are, yes, that’s right – gray.


I’ve let my blue lace find it’s place into the blue and green project bag and it feels a little better. 18 rows to go.


The title today comes from the song What’s the Colour of Love by Lili and Susie, a very hot pop duo from the 80’s. Also, it’s February 14 so I thought a little love would be in place.

I’ve got it!


It finally dawned on me. I know why I feel like I never finish anything and why it’s wearing on me. It’s not the shawl’s fault, not at all. It is a little due to lack of time but that’s not really the whole story either. I know why everybody is so tired, why everybody is sick, why nothing is fun, why people are short-tempered and why I can’t get my knitting done. I have the answer. Me, I know the secret, the reason why nothing works and nothing is fun.

It’s February. And it’s the dullest, grayest most boring February I have seen in a long, long time. It’s gray and muddy and a bit rainy every now and then. It’s supposedly light for a longer part of the day than it was in December but I can’t tell, it’s just gray. So how can I expect to knit something in dark blue when there is no light around me? What was I thinking?

Yarn harlot has friend, Denny, who says that you should never knit gray in March. That’s aparentely true about knitting blue in February too. I realized this when I caught myself looking at rainbow colored yarn knit in delicious color combinations and I felt a bit delirious at the thought of casting on.

I really do need to finish the two projects I have on the go but I hereby vow to knit something colorful once I’m done with these. This means that there is a birthday present that will have to wait a while, because I thought I’d make it in blue but I don’t think I can stand that right now. Also, a baby sweater will be put on the waiting list. Or I’ll do it all in canary yellow.

There is hope. I have made it to row 6 on the border and there is another 22 rows left, then I’m done. 22 long rows with 402 stitches… Let’s not count how many stitches that is, let’s focus on the fact that I’ve knit 117 rows already, the 22 rows that’s left should just breeze by with me even noticing. Yes, that’s how it’s going to be.

Not tired


I read through some blogs today and it seems like everbody is tired and stressed out. I’m tired too but I just couldn’t face being another tired blog today. Therefore I’ve made sure to make this a lovely evening. I’ve finished my Polish homework early, I have tea and chocolate and I’m pretty confident I’ll make it to the border of my lace shawl this evening. What’s not to be, not tired but comfortably peaceful about? This is not tiredness anymore, this is calming down before it’s time to go to bed so I can actually fall asleep early and hopefully not be as tired tomorrow. This is a plan, the not-tired-plan.

Also, I rewarded myself for being so good at making a lace shoe, by casting on a baby sweater from yarn that has been shouting the loudest at me lately. I couldn’t help it, t practically fell into my hands and then continued onto the needles where it sort of started to knit itself, I had nothing to do with it. Almost nothing, I promise. But now it has to be knit without me until my blue lace is done. Okay, bravely on towards the border!

I made a shoe. Out of thread.

I know now that the recipients of last week’s bobbin lace hardship has opened their presents, hence I can finally show you what I made.


I made a shoe. Out of thread. There is nothing machine made on this thing, except perhaps the material itself.


I started, as you remember, last Wednesday and we had a difficult time, trying to figure out how to work this, my bobbin lace teacher and I, since the instructions where in Dutch, which none of us speak. After a few hours of one step forward and two steps backwards we had finally mastered the pattern and I could continue on my own.


I worked all of Thursday evening and went to bed just after I had come halfway. The pattern stated a sort of difficult move right in the middle but since I’ve only done that once before my bobbin lace teacher suggested I put some beads there instead. She was, as always, right, and it turned out very pretty with the beads, once I could decide which ones to use.


I picked the purple ones which I think was a very good choice. Because the lace was so small and the pins came so close to each other, I had to use the pins with small heads (at least that’s what you call the top of a pin in Swedish – head) and since the pattern was new and even though I had pre-pinned it, it was still rough on my finger tips to push down the pins. In the end I almost cried out loud every time I reached a pin but I got it done.


Considering how much trouble we had in the beginning I must say it went pretty well and also quite fast to make the lace. I think it became a pretty cool lace which is not something you can say about all laces.


When the top of the shoe was done, late Friday evening, I cut some fabric to become to bottom of the shoe and sewed it all together with the top of the shoe.


Luckily I had some ribbon in the same color as the beads to use as a suspension component so that this can be hung on a wall, for example. I also put a bow there to hide the seam, it’s quite hard do sew something in white and purple and use a thread that will be invisible on both.


In the end it all became a very small and very cute little shoe.

Unexpected advantage


Just as our play is making progress, so is my lace knitting. We’re so close to opening night now that it’s dark in the auditorium when we rehearse. Usually that’s very bad circumstances to knit lace. Usually a plain vanilla sock that has either not yet come to or gone past the heel is the best knitting for dark places. It turned out though that lace has the unexpected advantage of being see-thorugh. Instead of seeing the actual yarn you see the light behind it and thus make out the stitches from the black web that is the knitting. You learn something new every day. Also, knowing the sound-and-light-guy is rarely a bad thing but especially not when it comes to knitting adpated light, a small spot light just for me and I was happily knitting away between scenes.



I’m back to my knitting again. This never-ending blue lace. Just when I thought that I was close to the border I started counting and it turned out that I had one more repeat to go. It seems like I will knit blue lace forever. I never have time to knit more than a couple of rows at the same time so there is nothing weird with it taking forever, but still, it’s taking forever and forever is a very long time.

Also, my finger tips are still a bit sore from making that lace earlier this week. I noticed when I accidentally pressed my finger against the tip of my needle to remove an obstinate stitch. I will try to stay away from doing that in the nearby future. The soreness is almost gone though, my finger tips are much better than they were this past Friday.


And on again

I finished in time. Last night at two in the morning I saw the last stitch. Now I’m really tired. I’ll show you pictures but not until I’ve slept and my finger tips have stopped aching from pushing all those needles into the previously unused lace pattern.