We have a little workshop here in the apartment today. I’m not involved. I was wise enough to buy bookcases with four little devices for each shelf that can easily be attached to the walls of the bookcase and the shelf is placed on top of the device (as long as you don’t lose a device when moving the bookcase and replacing the shelves, which I haven’t so far). Thus, I have already put my bookcases together. These bookcases above, on the other hand, seem to require a lot more work and a drill. Things that require a drill need more work than things that don’t require one, that is a truth universally acknowledged (or it should be). Well,

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it’s drilling a lot over here so I’m pretty sure even these bookcases will come together nicely pretty soon.

Until they do, I’m going to sit on the couch and have my own little workshop with my needles and my yarn. That’s my reward for not losing the devices for my bookcase shelves.