Late night philosophies – teapot and tulips


I’ve searched through boxes today and I finally found my teapot just two

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minutes before my friend Anna came by for a cup of tea. Happiness was total, earlier this week we couldn’t even find the tea (actually, we are suspecting that a darling mother might have swiped it, which is totally okay but it was a little boring to drink water while the others had coffee) but now we had pot too boil water, infuser, tea pot, cup and actual tea. I have never before thought about how many items you need to make a simple cup of tea (with some sort of style, I realize that technically you only need something to boil water with (and the water itself of course) and tea leaves and then you’re good to go since you can drink from the kettle and either swallow the leaves or sieve it through your teeth, but so far I’ve never reach that point in my tea abstinence).


I haven’t found my hat and mittens yet though. Anna gave me these beautiful tulips which made me think spring is not far away but I realize there are many weeks when hat and mittens are required before I will see tulips starting to bud. I’ll search again tomorrow, I don’t believe anyone swiped my hat (come on, it’s handknit, I would recognize it anywhere so the swiper could never wear it. My co-worker once recognized Julle due to his handknit hat. To a knitter handknits are never inconspicuous). So, hat and mittens must be here somewhere, probably in the last place I will look, as they say (well, because when I find it I will stop looking. Wouldn’t it be fun though to be able to say that something wasn’t in the last place I looked because I continued looking after I found it? Like I have five places where I will look, no matter if I find the item in the second or third place. Hm, I probably should go to bed before I get too far off the track with my semi-philosophical train of thoughts).

So, to conclude:
1. teapot found,
2. hat and mittens not found,
3. spring is far away but
4. tulips are a little piece of spring in the middle of January and
5. I should go to bed.

I also think it’s important to point out that today’s blog post

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title contains an alliteration.

Knit on, my dear ones!