More daffodils

I actually liked the result of Agnieszka’s yellow wrist warmers so much I made two other pairs for friends for Christmas. I think they are elegant, interesting enough to be dress warmers but neutral enough to not take over an outfit.


So, again, here are the Narcissus pseudo-narcissus cuff by Hunter Hammersen.


These red ones were for Jenny, knit in Malabrigo sock, color Tiziano red. I thought these ones would look good together with her Jo’s Pride Hooded Shawl by Sivia Harding, in the same color, and I was right, they do look good together.


The last but definitely not least are the wrist warmers for Louise.


These ones were also knit from Malabrigo sock in color Pocion. I thought that might be a color that she would like and would find good use for, it is a blend of many colors but still sombre, elegant and not gaudy at all.

Honestly, I really have tried to like this color and I have gotten so far that I don’t refuse to knit in it anymore but really, haven’t we had enough now? I understand that my disliking is a rare thing, everybody, and I really mean everybody I’ve talked to thinks this color is lovely. I was carried away with this and thought that this must be a really nice colorway but after two shawls, one scarf and a pair of wrist warmers I must say enough is enough! It is not my color and I should really accept that instead of trying to be someone I’m not. I do realize that I’m the weird one on this subject but I accept that too and I will be moving on to other colorways. My dislike could also be depending on the season, Pocion is a colorway that holds a lot of fall colors and by this time of year we’re all starting to look forward to spring.


I gave these

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to Louise on a day where temperature dropped drastically from morning to afternoon and Louise has cold hands. A very lucky coincidence, I must say.

I really hope these will come to good use for both Jenny and Louise.