It’s Friday evening before a well deserved weekend and I thought this the time to show you some sugar, a beautiful pair of dress socks.



This is the Narcissus pseudo-narcissus socks by Hunter Hammersen from the book The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, vol. I. 


The pattern is beautiful and, once I got the hang of it, easy to follow.


They are my mum’s Christmas socks and she really likes them and has received many compliments for them.


They are knit in Drops Fabel from Garnstudio, colour 104 Purple. Great colour, I love it!

I wanted to make these socks in a nice merino sock yarn but my mum has always said that expensive yarn is wasted on socks since nobody sees them and they break pretty soon. Therefore I didn’t want to use any of my hand-dyed merino.


That might have been a mistake. Normally I like knitting in Fabel but it isn’t as bouncy as other sock yarn and with all this cabling and lace work it was hard on my hands working with this yarn. It wasn’t very forgiving and many times I felt like I was wrestling with the yarn and it hurt my fingers but I guess I won in the end since the socks are finished. Ha, in your face, yarn!


To conclude: the pattern is great and I would enjoy making another pair but I would pick a different yarn.

Have a lovely knitterly weekend!